Dec 21, 2009

IODA Asian Sailing Championship 2009 - Day 5


THAI lass Noppakao Poonpat showed her prowess on the seas when she steered her way to the overall individual title of the IODA Asian sailing championships at Kuah Harbour in Langkawi. The runaway leader from the opening day on Monday, Noppakao lay claim to the title of undisputed queen of sailing.
Noppakao, 14, who hails from Chonburi, also helped Thailand to the team title on Wednesday. The three-time world Optimist girls’ individual champion amassed 34 points (best 10 out of 12 races), fending off a strong challenge from Spain's Carlos Robles, who held on to his No 2 spot from Thursday with 45 points. Muhammad Farhan Hamid did the host country proud when he came in third (52 points).
The pint-sized Carlos, the only representative from Spain, said he could have toppled Poonpat from top spot in the final race, which was off course sailing, but was unable to exploit the chance.


Individual Asian Championship
1. Noppakao Poompat (Thailand)
2. Muhammad Farhan (Malaysia)
3. Thacharin Narbonne (Thailand)

Individual Open Championship
1. Noppakao Poompat (Thailand)
2. Carlos Robles (Spain)
3. Muhammad Farhan (Malaysia)

Under 12
1. Thacharin Narbonne (Thailand)
2. Elisa Yukie Yokoyama (Singapore)
3. Ryan Lo (Singapore)

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