Oct 31, 2010


KUALA TERENGGANU - Karamjit Singh's hopes lies shattered as Muhammad Rafiq Udhaya consolidate his position at the top of the overall race for the Malaysian Rally title.

On a day when Karamjit thought things were looking up for him on the final day of the Round 3 Malaysian Rally at Lake Kenyir, Terengganu yesterday, his Mitsubishi Lancer gearbox gave way which forced him out of the race.

And probably out of the race for the championship too.

"It's just one of those things which can happen to anyone in rallying. It happened to me today and now I must admit that my chances of finishing champion overall is gone.

"There is only more round left (in Kangar) and I don't think I can make up for it,"said Karamjit.

Karamjit who was lying second overall with a total of 18 points gathered from the previous two rounds coming into Kuala Terengganu, thought he
could make up for the eight point deficit behind the leader Muhammad Rafiq Udhaya in his Subaru Impreza.

More so after he had finished first in the first rallying stage on Saturday but disaster struck early as Karamjit tried to force his way through the mud and slush, made worse by the overnight rain, and ended up with a broken shaft in his gearbox.

India's Lohitt Urs and his Malaysian co-driver Manohar Menon in their Mitsubishi Lancer seize the opportunity to finish first in a total time of 1hr 39min 40.0secs and Muhammad Rafiq and his co-driver Sean Gregory second in 1hr 43mins 22.2secs.

Third is Muhammad Siraj Abdullah and Abi Redzuan in a Proton Satria Neo in a time of 1hr 46mins 43.8secs.

For now Muhammad Rafiq and Gregory is still in command and the overall title is well within their reach as the Malaysian Rally Championship enters it's fourth and final round in Kangar in mid December.

"We are in a comfortable position now and with one more round to go, we just have to keep our cool, finish both races and we should be home. But it's a pity that Karamjit's car broke down today. He is such a good driver but things just did not work out for him," said Gregory.


The organizer of the Malaysian Rally Championship wish to clarify that no spectator was seriously injured in the opening stage of the Round 3 championship at Lake Kenyir in Kuala Terengganu on Friday (Oct 29 2010).

The Bahasa Malaysia daily Harian Metro had reported that a boy and a middle aged woman was seriously hurt when a participant's car spun out of control after overshooting a curve and hit both of them.

Actually when the car overshot the curve and crash into the bushes, majority of the spectators had moved out of harm's way except for the boy and the woman.

They suffered minor injuries and accompanied by officials, they were taken to the hospital and were treated for minor injuries and sent home.

"We have taken all precautions to ensure the safety of the spectators and it's unfortunate that the accident happen. In-fact the spectators were all very co-operative and we thank them and the State Goverment for the support they have given," said clerk of course, Tengku Shaharin Abu Bakar.


Oct 30, 2010


LAKE KENYIR, TERENGGANU - Karamjit Singh is going from strength to strength and surely he has the Malaysian Rally overall title in his sight.

On Saturday he battled the elements to register an opening stage victory of the Round 3 Malaysian Rally at Lake Kenyir, Terengganu to put himself forward as a serious contender for the overall title when the final showdown takes place in Round 4 in Kangar in mid December.

With his co-driver Douglas Pickering, the duo behind the wheels of a Mitsubishi Lancer steered their way through the 43.5km course in tough conditions, including heavy rain and muddy terrain to register a winning time of 57mins 03.8secs.

In second place is the Japanese ace, Katsu Taguchi and his partner Jagdev Singh, also in a Mitsubishi Lancer in a time of 1hr 01 min 13.4secs which will give Karamjit a good three minute lead as the 22-man field go into the
second and decisive second stage on Sunday.

Finishing third is the Indian-Malaysian combination of Lohitt Urs and Manohar Menon, also in a similar vehicle, who clocked a total time of 1 hr 04mins 14.3secs.

The overall leader after the completion of two earlier rounds in Johor Bharu and Jempol, Muhammad Rafiq Udhaya in a Subaru Impreza, came in fourth on Saturday in a time of 1hr 04min 38.1secs and he knows he has plenty of hard work ahead if he and his partner Sean Gregory is to keep a tight grip on their lead.

Muhammad Rafiq is on a total of 24 points, eight ahead of Karamjit who is lying second with Taguchi on 11 points and the stage is set for the final showdown in Kangar for the decisive Round Four in mid December.

"I made a poor choice in my tyres selection for the opening stages of the race and that cost me precious times. But we managed to make up for it after a change of tyres and the race is still wide open. But I know the Sunday stage is very important. It’s a make or break situation for us," said Muhammad Rafiq.

For Karamjit, Saturday's race went smoothly. He was a little slow in the opening two stages but once he got going, he never looked back despite the rain and the muddy conditions, to come home unscathed.

In fact the rain fell so hard towards the end that the organizer had to cut short the race a little but by then Karamjit was home and dry.

"It's a good race for us. Things went well but there is still tomorrow (Sunday). Another good race on Sunday and we are ready to challenge for the overall title," added Karamjit.

Oct 29, 2010


LAKE KENYIR, TERENGGANU - Katsu Taguchi gave himself a huge psychological lift after an impressive performance in the opening stage of the Round 3 of the Malaysian Rally at Lake Kenyir in Kuala Terengganu on Friday.

The Japanese ace, a former participant at the World Rally Championship, took his Mitsubishi Lancer, to a heartwarming win in the opening stage today, completing the 4.16km race time trial, to give himself and co-driver Jagdev Singh, a shot at the overall title.

They are lying fourth overall after the completion of the earlier two rounds - Johor Bharu in April and Jempol in July- and today's win will give them a boost as they prepare for the next two stages over the rugged terrain of the interior of Lake Kenyir, covering a total distance of 140km on Saturday and Sunday.

Taguchi, winner of the opening round in Johor Bharu back in April, completed the time trial race over the 4.16km route around the tarmac road surrounding the lake, in a total time of 3mins 01.3secs.

They were so fast across the tarmac road that the rest of the 21-car field just could not cope. Karamjit Singh and his partner Douglas Pickering, also in a Mitsubishi Lancer came in second fastest on a total of 3mins 12.9secs, a good 11 seconds behind and plenty of catching up to do.

Third in the opening stage on Friday is the Japanese pair of Takeshi Azuma and Masako Sakane in a Subaru Impreza in a time of 3mins 25.5secs while Lohitt Urs and Manohar Menon, the Indian and Malaysian combination also in a Subaru Impreza came in fourth in 3mins 26.2secs.

Muhammad Udhaya Rafiq, the overall leader who lead the series on a total of 24 points, came home in a disappointing ninth yesterday in his Subaru Impreza and he knows he now has to tackle the terrains to make up for his lack of success today.

"The real test will come on Saturday and Sunday. A test for the car and the drivers because none of us has ever raced here (Lake Kenyir) before. It will be interesting," said Muhammad Udhaya who is racing under the MRU Motorsports banner.

Karamjit, who is lying second overall on 16 points, is also hoping for a little
luck tomorrow as he makes a bid to consolidate his position before the fourth and final leg in Kangar in mid December.

"It's important that your car hold up well in rallying. Of course I am
determined to do well. But I need to keep my fingers crossed too hoping
nothing goes wrong with the car," said Karamjit.

Oct 27, 2010


LAKE KENYIR, TERENGGANU - Karamjit Singh is looking for another podium finish to stake his claim for the overall title at the Malaysian Rally championship.

Only eight points separate him and the current leader as the championship enters Round 3 at the Kenyir Lake in Terengganu over the next three days covering a total distance of 467 kilometers.

Muhammad Rafiq Udhaya in his Subaru Impreza with co-driver Sean Gregory leads the charge with 24 points and Karamjit and company is next on 16 points. Andrew Miller and Manohar Menon in their Subaru Impreza is third with 13 points.

Naturally Karamjit, or better known as the Flying Sikh is his heydays where he once ruled the world, is eyeing a finish which will put him in a good position for the final showdown in Kangar in December.

"I am only eight points behind the leader and a strong finish over the weekend would help me close the gap and put me in a comfortable position for the final round in December.

"My philosophy over the years in my rallying career is to try and win every race I take part. Kenyir Lake would be no exception," said Karamjit.

Karamjit and his co-driver Douglas Pickering were the undisputed winner in Round 2 in Jempol, Negeri Sembilan two months ago in their Mitsubishi Lancer and the victory has given them a terrific boost for the overall title, come December.

"I always say that the first thing in rally is to stay clear of mechanical problems and I am praying my car will not give me any problem, before and during the race," added Karamjit.

But Muhammad Rafiq is not throwing in the towel just yet.

"I am still in the lead and the rest will have to beat me to dislodge me from the top. But we are all going into race without the benefit of having raced there (Lake Kenyir) before.

"So it's a question of who can adapt better to the conditions," said Muhammad Rafiq.

Japan's Katsu Taguchi, a former world rally participant, and his co-driver Jagdev Singh, who won the opening leg in Johor Baru in April, are lying fourth with 11 points and the rest of the field are keeping a close watch on the Japanese ace and his Mitsubishi Lancer.


Oct 22, 2010

Pesta Air Antarabangsa sempena 20 tahun pentadbiran Pas

KOTA BHARU (19 Okt 2010) – Sukan Pesta Air Antarabangsa Kelantan 2010 yang bakal berlangsung akhir Oktober ini diisytihar sebagai acara kemuncak perayaan 20 tahun pentadbiran kerajaan Pas di negeri ini.

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kerajaan Tempatan, Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan berkata, pesta tiga hari itu bermula 28 hingga 30 Oktober di Dataran Sireh, Tesco Kota Bharu, dan dijangka menarik ramai pelancong ke negeri ini.

“Peserta kebanyakannya datang dari dalam dan luar negara seperti Brunei, Thailand dan New Zealand.

"Mereka akan membawa bersama krew serta penyokong dalam acara itu nanti,” katanya.

Menurutnya, tiga kategori acara air terbesar akan dilangsungkan di pesta air berkenaan yang melibatkan hadiah lumayan mencecah RM50,000 bagi johan, naib johan dan tempat ketiga selain piala kejohanan.

“Penglibatan paling ramai dalam acara Perahu Panjang antara 10 jajahan, jabatan dan agensi swasta, antarabangsa dan kategori VIP (wakil rakyat) yang melibatkan 18 peserta sepasukan.

“Acara Jet Sky Antarabangsa melibatkan 14 pasukan dalam dan luar negara berserta 10 penyertaan dalam acara Power Boat,” katanya dalam Sidang Media Sukan Pesta Air Antarabangsa Kelantan 2010, tengah hari semalam.

Beliau berkata, bagi menambah kemeriahan, penganjur mengadakan Sukan Rakyat antara Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT).

“Peringkat saringan dijadualkan pada 28 Oktober dan akhir pada 30 bulan sama.” katanya.

Menurutnya, acara penutupan akan diserikan dengan kehadiran Tengku Mahkota Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Faiz Sultan Ismail Petra. 


Pulse @ LTdL 2011 Route Recce

Our team joined LTdL official to perform a technical recce from the 18th to the 26th of September to identify the detailed route of the race.

Oct 4, 2010

LTdL 2011 MCC Meeting

Chaired by Dato' Mohid Mohamed, Secretary General Youth and Sports Ministry, the LTdL 2011 MCC Meeting was successfully held on the 1st of October at Menara KBS.