Apr 24, 2011


Hasan Maleki Mizan with his Chief Minister's Trophy

24th April 2011, MALACCA: Suren Cycling Team took all three podium spots in the 2011 edition of the Melaka Chief Minister Cup. Hasan Maleki Mizan comfortably took the win with a total time of 3:50:51.292s while teammates Hamid Shirisisan and Ramin Mehrabani Azar finished in second and third place respectively.

Mizan Hasan Maleki the winner of Melaka Chief Minister Cup 2011
Maleki Mizan who failed to finish in Le Tour de Filipinas 2011 earlier this month said that this victory is redemption of the failure.

"I suffered from chronic abdominal pain while racing in Le Tour de Filipinas. I was very disappointed. However, I tried really hard to win today and we worked extremely hard all the way to the end, our team is ecstatic for the triple win!" he said.

From the start the stronger competitors made their presence felt and the big bunch was separated into small groups early on. Ahmad Fallanie lead a group of 13 breakaway riders in the first quarter of the race with a time gap of 1m 26s, with sprinter Anuar Manan of Terengganu (ProAsia) Cycling Team who was left in the chasing group trying to catch up, the peloton was at 3 minutes behind the leaders.

As the race progressed, 4 riders consisting the eventual top 3 winners of Suren Cycling Team (Maleki Mizan, Shirisisan and Mehrabani Azar) and Ahmad Fallanie (Malaysia National Team) from the leading group made a break, leaving the others to chase frantically and increasing the gap from the peloton to a staggering 10 minutes, which later reduced to 7m 46s.

The 4 leaders had a gap of 4m26s ahead of the chasing group, after nearly 91 kilometres of racing, the Iranian trio finally left Ahmad Fallanie trailing over 1 minute behind them taking only fourth place, Ahmad Fallanie admitted making a tactical mistake in the last 10 kilometres, which caused him a place in the podium.

“With only 10 Kilometres to go, I made a huge mistake, giving a chance for them (Iranian riders) in the climb but later I couldn’t catch up as their teamwork and increase in pace made it really hard for me to catch up.” He said

“However I am happy with my achievement today, I hope that our national coach John Beasley who’s here today could evaluate my performance and give me a chance to compete in the bigger races after this such as the Sea Games in Palembang, Indonesia.”

"I want to continue wearing the national jersey and win medals at the SEA Games. I think all the riders including myself have this ambition to win medals in major championships.” said Ahmad Fallanie.

The riders covered a total distance of 156 kilometres at Bukit Katil district in the historical state of Melaka. The morning saw 76 starters from 17 teams, but the scorching Malaysian heat and difficulty of the route gradually forced weaker riders to surrender, only 26 riders made it to the end.

The 2011 Melaka Chief Minister Cup is registered under the 1.2 category of the UCI Asian Tour Calendar organized by the Melaka Cycling Association (MCA) and sanctioned by the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF).

1. Hasan Maleki Mizan (Suren) 3:50:51.292 s,

2. Hamid Shirisisan (Suren) 3:50.51.522 s,

3. Mehrabani Ramin Azar (Suren) 3:50:51.762 s,

4 Ahmad Fallanie Ali (MAS) 3:53:31.053 s,

5. Nur Amirull Fakahruddin Marzuki (TSG) 4:00.11.634 s;

6. Nik Mohd Azwan Zulkifle (RMP) 4:00:13.005 s,

7. Mohd Fauzan Ahmad Lufti (RMP) 4:00:23.241 s,

8. Anuar Manan (TSG) 4:00:23.588 s,

9. Sayuti Zahit (UTEM) 4:01:08.038 s;

10. Mohd Shahrul Mat Amin (TSG) 4:01.10.046 s.


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