May 11, 2012


11 MAY 2012, KANGAR - China's Fan Fan, the winner of the Malaysian leg of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship last year, is down for the second round of the Malaysian Rally Championship in Kangar over the weekend.

And his participation has added a touch of glamour and add to the competitive spirit as the rest of the field gather in the Northen capital ovet two days of action across the sugar cane plantations of Chuping.

Fan Fan, who was a familiar name in Malaysian Rally in the nineties, has pushed competitive rallying into the background to concentrate on his online business in the past couple of years.

"But I guess he has a bit more time on his hands now and that's why he accepted our invitation to race in Malaysia this weekend. He is such a talented driver and his victory in the Malaysian leg  of Asia Pacific Rally Championship in Johor Baru in April last year, is ample proof of that.

"I am sure he will be give the rest a fight in his Mitsubishi Lancer. No doubts about that," said Gunaseelan Rajoo, leader of the GSR Repsol-Air Asia team under which Fan Fan and his co-driver Fang Jun Wei will be racing in.

But for now New Zealander Brian Green and co-driver Brian Fleur of the MRU Racing team are the leader after their impressive opening round performance in Manjung, Perak two months ago.

There is also the 2011 Malaysian Rally Champion Muhammad Rafiq Udhaya in his Subaru Impreza who is now lying second overall and given his experience, on and off the track, he and his co-driver Sean Gregory are always going to be a threat.

"I have always believe that if you prepare the car well and drive to the best of your ability without the need to take uneccessary risks, then there is always a chance, "said Muhammad Rafiq.

And then there is Karamjit Singh, the undisputed King of Malaysian Rally with twelve overall titles under his belt.

But a disastrous opening round, opening day performance in Manjung where his Mitsubishi Lancer broke down early in the race, meant that even his victory in the second day was not enough to see him in the top five overall classification as the 15-car participation list heads for Kangar.

"We have lot of catching up work to do from now on. No more breakdowns and we have set ourselves a target of finishing first in every race from now on," said Karamjit.

The Kangar round will also see the young driver Kenneth Koh with the veteran Jagdev Singh alongside him, racing in a brand new Proton Satria Neo, which he hopes will help provide his fledgling career a boost.

Kenneth, 22 is a former Malaysian Rally Junior champion and  was placed fifth overall in the 2012 Malaysian Rally Championship.

"I am still learning but I will get better each year and I hope the new car will give me the extra push," said Kenneth.

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