Dec 8, 2015


SHAH ALAM: For the first time ever, cycling fans will get to experience a more serious challenge as they participate in the build-up event towards Le Tour de Langkawi 2016 (LTdL), the Pulau Indah 180 on January 17, organized by Central Spectrum (M) Sdn Bhd.
Moving away from the traditional short distance fun rides to hype up the atmosphere for LTdL and to bring cycling fans closer to the event, event manager Ciclista Sports Sdn Bhd have decided to capitalise on the immense popularity of century rides this time around, by introducing the Pulau Indah 180.
With century rides, generally challenges of 160 kilometres or less, held around the country currently attracting participation of more than 2,000 cycling enthusiasts at each event, the Pulau Indah 180 will be more unique in aiming to hype up the promotions for LTdL 2016 by bringing together the masses of true cycling fans.
At the launch today, LTdL 2016 CEO Emir Abdul Jalal said the event is expected to be popular with cycling enthusiasts while at the same time reaching the target audience of the race which are the cycling fans themselves.
"This time the aim is to get right to the base of cycling fans, by offering an event for the fans. Cycling fans aren't like most fans of other sports, where here we have many fans who actually cycle quite seriously themselves and now they have an event which will link them to LTdL," said Emir.
He added that the event will have the same expertise as LTdL, ‘We will bring forward our LTdL team, making sure that the quality of this event is at a top level. We want the fans to have a memorable riding experience.’
The 21st edition of LTdL is already expected to attract a large number of television audiences and through the Pulau Indah 180, as with the usual pre-race promotional events, this will also be a chance for fans to ride alongside some of the local and foreign stars who will feature in the LTdL itself.
Also present at the launch were Mahmud Abbas Chief Executive Officer of Central Spectrum (M) Sdn Bhd, organiser of Pulau Indah 180, Shahirudeen Seeni Mohamad, Managing Director of Ciclista Sports Sdn Bhd, event officials and sponsors.


PULAU INDAH 180 is a brand new “ride and race” event concept depicting the current century ride events that had been blossoming on the nation’s soil for the past few years. As century rides limit their milestone up to 160 km or 100 miles, Pulau Indah 180 pushes the traditional challenge to more than 180 km of sheer riding experience. Pulau Indah 180 is expecting a greater turnout of participants, targeting a minimum of 1,200 riders.  With a greater brand of 180, tougher challenge, Pulau Indah 180 will also be the first riding event in 2016. The event is going to be held on 17th January 2016.
The organiser, Central Spectrum (M) Sdn Bhd (CSSB) is a property developer renowned for its success in developing Pulau Indah into a progressive and distinguished community featuring countless opportunities. CSSB is also one of the development arms for the Selangor State Government. Success in developing Pulau Indah, lies the responsibility of CSSB to promote the whole development of Pulau Indah in a bigger yet smarter way. Pulau Indah 180 is not just another ultimate challenge for participants, it is also an ultimate opportunity to promote and further market Pulau Indah as Malaysia’s next preferred business destination.
Pulau Indah 180 aims to be one of CSSB’s marketing tools to attract foreign cyclists who can also be able to contribute to continuous Domestic Direct Investment, Foreign Direct Investment and Tourism Industry. During CSSB’s trade missions, particularly the recent ones to Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore, it has introduced Pulau Indah 180 event as part of marketing effort to create awareness among foreign companies with regard to investment opportunities in Selangor and particularly in Pulau Indah.
EVENT WEBSITE :                 INFO :  1-800-222-909
a)  Men Open (18-35)             b) Women Open (above 18)
c) Junior Master (35-45)         d) Master (Above 45)

Total Prize Money : RM 29,000

START : CSSB Pulau Indah – Pulau Indah Industry Area – Pulau Indah Highway – Banting – Jenjarom – Teluk Panglima Garang – Morib – Bagan Lalang – Banting – Sepang SIC – Olak Lempit – Pandamar - Pulau Indah Highway - CSSB Pulau Indah : FINISH 180KM
Chief Executive Officer : En. Mahmud Abbas
General Manager – Development :  En.  Noor Azhuril Adnan
General Manager – Sales & Marketing : En. Mohamad Razif Abdul Wahab
General Manager – Finance & Admin :  Pn. Ruzita Mohd Taib
Managing Director  : En. Shahirudeen Seeni Mohamad

Chief Executive Officer : En. Emir Abdul Jalal

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