Dec 10, 2011


10 December 2011, JEMPOL - Karamjit Singh and his Mistsubishi Evo was just unstoppable as he charged to victory in the opening day of the fourth and final round of the Malaysian Rally 2011 in Jempol on Saturday.

Together his co-driver Vivek Ponnusamy, they completed the 63.5km stretch of the race in a total time of 52min 22.5sec, leaving the defending champion Rafiq Udhaya and his Subaru Impreza trailing in his wake and a good five minutes behind.

Karamjit is looking forward to the overall title and only Rafiq is standing in his way but after the opening round victory, the Flying Sikh, as he is more popularly known, has taken a step closer to the crown.

As things stand before the start of Saturday's race, Rafiq has a total of 30 points while Karamjit has 28 and Karamjit knows that unless he beats the leader, the title won't be in his possession.

"Round one is completed and eveything went well. I got a good five minutes lead going into Sunday's race and I know if I stay out of trouble tomorrow, I am confident I should be able to win the overall title.

"But you never know. The weather is unpredictable and the condition varies. Today was fine but once it rains the scenarios could change. The track becomes soft and slippery and it would put a real strain on the engine," said Karamjit who has won the overall title a total of eleven times so far.

No 12 beckons and Rafiq knows he needs something spectacular on Sunday to keep Karamjit at bay.

"Karamjit drove flat out today and I expected that. He needs to beat me to win the title and if he does so he deserves it because he is such a talented driver," said Rafiq.

Rafiq is lying second on a total time of 57min 24.9secs while Mike Arokiasamy in a Proton Satria is third on a total of 58min 55.2secs.

A total of 25 cars were on the starting grid.


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