Jan 10, 2011


Micheal Matthews wins Stage 1 of LTdL2010

The U23 world champion

10 January 2011, KUALA LUMPUR - The message that cycling only wants true champions is as important in 2011 as ever. BikePure are delighted that this message will shouted out at the first major race of the 2011 season, the 16th edition of Le Tour de Langkawi.

LTdL has acquired enormous respectability on the world cycling stage as a fantastic event. Both in organization and the quality of racing, the 2011 edition of the Malaysian race will begin on the beautiful island of Langkawi, and ends 1315.4 kilometers later in Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.

Each element within cycle sport has their own role to play including the race organizers. LTDL has shown by this partnership, that they want their champions to win with honor and have respect for their fellow riders efforts.

Bike Pure feel this is a major step forward in highlighting clean cycle sport is not only important for the health of our riders but for the continued financial success and survival of our sport. “We are proud to be affiliated with the fantastic lengthened ten-day event. There is a momentum for major change within cycling; fans of the sport no longer want the dopers destroying its image. This feeling is illustrated clearly by the organizers of Le Tour de Langkawi, being the first professional event to fully partner Bike Pure and show its commitment to anti-doping on a world wide scale.”

In a positive move, Le Tour de Langkawi officials and staff will wear a specially commissioned Le Tour de Langkawi Bike Pure wristband to show their affiliation. The wristbands will also be handed out to teams, officials and riders alike at the event.

LTdL2011 CEO, Mohamed Salleh is delighted with the partnership continued for next year, “Major events like Le Tour de Langkawi are put together at great expense and no organizer wishes to see his event tarnished with a doping scandal. Sponsors require positive media attention, and one single rider could destroy all this investment.”

“As the first major event to fully partner Bike Pure this year, we feel responsible to continue this effort and set an example for all other events regardless of big or small to support fair competition and a drug-free sport.” He added.

After a magical 2010 event where the sprinters dominated in the early race before the climbers came to the fore in the famous Genting Highlands. Australian sprinter Michael Matthews took the first yellow jersey of the race and finished the season in a world champions jersey, proving the quality of the field the race attracts.

The event will have a total of twenty-three teams competing under the organization of the Ministry of Youth and Sport together with Malaysian National Cycling Federation, This 2011 edition scheduled to be held from 23rd January to 1st February covers a total of 1315.4 kms over ten days with two grand mountain stages will provide some spectacular racing in equally spectacular scenery.

Please visit the Bike Pure website at http://www.bikepure.org/ for the latest information and the official race site at http://www.ltdl.com.my/

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