Jan 29, 2011

QUOTES for Stage 5

“I want to say thank you to the whole team. Everyone has worked very well for me especially Emanuele Sella. In the climb, he did a great job for me. And I want to thank Gianni Savio who gave me confident. He told me that I could win the race today and we made it.”

“We had rain and sun in the flat part of the stage. But I knew there would be bad weather up here. I feel good. I’ve done exactly what Savio told me to do. I remain on the wheel of Pozzovivo, and in the sprint I played it well with the help of Sella at 1km to go.”

“Now we have to think about tomorrow. But at first I have to speak to Savio whats gonna happen next. There are five remaining stages with sprints. I hope to maintain the jersey.”


“To say the truth, I am very happy today. I am very happy to lead the LTdL and to be in Malaysia. I really don’t know much about this country before I came and it is even better than what I expected.”

“Now I hope I will able to maintain the lead until finish of the tour. This is my last race at continental level. I hope for the best. After this race I will return to Colombia and race at the amateur level.”

“Remaining stages are relatively flat. I will counter my team and pay attention to the riders who are close to me on General Classification. I have to pay attention because its very tight.”


“Fortunately we have two stages with break-aways. So, the riders in the break-away took the points. That gives us two rest days. I manage to recover a bit and get the energy back for the five coming stages. These five stages will be very hard for me.”

“I’m not talking about the course because it is pretty flat. But there are many points up for grabs and many sprint. I will try to retain this lead mostly with stage finishing as well as trying for sprint points.”


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