Jan 29, 2011

Quotes for stage 7

"It was a different sprint from the previous days, because not many people expected such a finish. Looking at the road book, it was a false flat uphill, but in reality the last 2 kilometre was downhill. But I handled the situation, I took the corner in 5th position and that was the ideal position and I did 300 metres finishing flat out"

"I have decided not to race for hotspot sprints anymore and keep all my strength for the finish. Thanks to the breakaway no hotspot sprint was contested so Anuar was not able to take more points on the way, now I have a comfortable lead but it's not over yet for the blue jersey."

"Yes I definitely prefer the long sprints. when I can start 250 or 300 metres before the line, I am quite explosive to start sprinting and then I can keep my progression til the end."

Andrea Guardini, Farnese Vini - Neri Sottoli


"This stage has been little bit difficult for me because my team is not very strong, however it went without problems, the circumstances of the race have helped me because other teams have worked strongly and there were riders away to catch the bonuses."

Lobardo NiƱo Corredo, LeTua Cycling Team


"We thought today was a good day to take the yellow jersey because the road book showed an uphill finish, that's why we let a breakaway go because we thought I could take the yellow jersey with uphill finish. Unfortunately the finish was downhill and there was nothing to get."

Jonnatha Monsalve, Androni

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