Jan 30, 2011

Quotes for Stage 8

“For sure it's the best breakaway the season, it's a great feeling, so I change the view this year and we work hard in the winter, but the winter in Germany was very cold some After 3 or 4 stages but now the legs are good, and it's great work from the team in the last 5 kilometre.

“Yeah I know that the Drapac guy (David Pell) was in front but my team goes the last kilometre from the front so I passed the corner of the first and then I take the sprint and hope nobody comes behind me.”

“Today was close for me, yesterday was close for Italian sprinter so maybe it’s close tomorrow for sure.”

“It’s been rainy but it’s not cold, 24 degrees so nobody is cold. It’s a hard race but it’s not so hard like 20 degrees below.”

“It feels good, the team works hard yesterday also and yesterday it was close, I was second but in the end I was fast so I think also today I have good legs and I told my team ‘ok, in the last kilometre go go go full gas with all you have’ yeah so it happened.”

(About tomorrow’s stage) “I don’t know, I hope it’s not raining tomorrow and we can ride an easier race.”

(About Andrea Guardini) “Yeah, he’s fast yesterday, when he start he has so much power, also he’s young… it’s perfect, 4 to 5 stages before I have bad legs after the winter but now is okay.”

Robert Forster, Unitedhealthcare


“I must thank my team for the good work that has been done since the beginning of the stage, at the first hotspot sprint I managed to finish second and got 2 seconds bonus that makes me equal on time with Libardo and then the team has worked again to take me to the second hotspot sprint and since I was second again there I get another second and now I’m the leader of Le Tour de Langkawi.”

“No I cannot say that I have won the race, the team will for sure work a lot in the last two stages, until I cross the finish-line in Kuala Lumpur, I cannot say I am the winner.”

“With such weather today with the rain, it has made the race harder and I was afraid that there’s so many sprinters who what to go to the hotspot sprints but fortunately no one really sprint and I managed to get second place in the hotspot sprints.”

(about maintaining the 2 second lead) “Yes, you’re right it’s been very difficult to gain those 2 seconds especially against all the sprinters but I’ve also been fast. I’m happy to have now the 2 seconds and really looking forward to keep it until the stage in Kuala Lumpur.”

Jonnatha Monslave, Androni

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