Jan 31, 2011

LTdL 2011 - Stage 9 Photos & Quotes

"Today’s race was faster, it was always attacks, attacks, attacks. The last 20 kilometres to go and I was really lucky to be there, when we start to work I think of the chance to be in this group and not about the winner (Monsalve) because we have many very strong guys. On the breakaway was Robert Forster it’s very difficult for the sprint but I’m going in the attack in the last breakaway and is going very good.”

(on how he attacked) “The others they look at everyone but nobody can do it, maybe don’t want to do it and want to do it because it’s 2 kilometres to go, everybody is thinking about the sprint but not about the attack in the last 2 kilometre. But easily I go to sprint and it was all breakaway so that’s 5 seconds before the breakaway group, I’m very happy.”

“This is my best result, we were in search already 9 days for this result and we’re really happy, it was expected for me and my team.”

(Comparing his win with other races) “This is different, it’s not Hainan, it’s not Qhinghai Lake, it’s a different race with different organisation, different people, always different riders, every race is not the same race.”

“I really like Malaysia, I was here 7 or 8 years ago and I really like its people and its popular, I really like the organisation, I expected it not to rain like yesterday but that’s unexpected.”

Boris Shpilevsky, Tabriz Petrochemical


“Yes it is a sprinter who won today in the breakaway, Boris did well going in the breakaway, he found the right breakaway so he deserves the win; he has done a great race.”

“In my team we had Miyazawa in the first group so we gave him the green light to go for the victory, as for myself at 3 kilometre to go I decided to not sprint for maybe 4 or 5 points, they are not really needed. I have chosen to preserve some energy for tomorrow.”

“Yes we have Miyazawa in the front group and its fair to also give a chance to the other riders in the team to try and win, I wasn’t at 100 percent of my capacity today because day after day I feel bit tired and the essential today was to consolidate my blue jersey and keep some strength for tomorrow.”

Andrea Guardini, Farnese Vini – Neri Sottoli


“It has been another very hard stage and once again my whole team has worked a lot, when I’ve seen the 1 kilometre to go to the first sprint I was marking Libardo to make sure that he wasn’t getting seconds from me. I also realised the sprinters were not going for the sprints so I sprinted and gained 3 seconds, it makes me more quiet for tomorrow when I have to preserve the lead.”

(Strategy for tomorrow – stage 10) “Not yet, we’ll go to the hotel tonight and once it’s quieter we’ll have a meeting but for sure we’ll pace the bunch tomorrow until the end. We have the jersey, we have 5 seconds lead, it’s not much so we haven’t won the race yet.”

Jonnathan Monsalve, Androni

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